This will be my only post about #Threads since I don’t care to give it the time or attention it doesn’t need.

As it stands right now, it feels chaotic and impersonal. While #Mastodon feels like a nice community where I follow real blogs (micro as they may be) that I’m interested in. Threads feels like the old social media dick measuring contest to see who can make the most bottom-of-the-barrel joke the fastest and subsequently rake in the most likes/reposts the fastest.

As an aside, in my use case, Instagram is primarily a platform used by my real life connections. Almost all of the people I know in real life stopped using/actually posting on micro-blogging platforms like #Twitter or Mastodon around 2016.

A lot of people I know tie their real names to their Instagram handles. Conversely, a lot of people I know no longer want their real names tied to their microblogging handles.

So sure, there might have been a few million users signing up in the first few hours, but how many of those accounts will convert to people who actually contribute to the community and post?

At the end of the day, I think Threads is here to stay. At least for quite a while. But, if user engagement, and therefore, ad revenue, is low, it’s definitely the kind of thing I could see #Meta pulling the plug on in a handful of years.

Regardless, I know I won't be using it any time soon.