Is it really this simple?

Have we finally reached a point in the world where social and technology coexist in reality.

Your digital existence lines up with your actual existence.

With decentralized platforms I believe it's coming closer to that because you don't have the constructs of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, or Instagram walls to hinder your freedom.

As humans we all want freedom and to be able to have free choice or free will.

Some of us understand that responsibility while others shy away from doing such and let life just be happenstance.

They have no accountability but this is where it gets interesting.

Decentralization means you have to have integrity about what you do. You have to hold yourself accountable if you screw up but it also gives you the chance and opportunity to be as bold as ever.

Without control. Anarchy cannot exist. Without anarchy. Control cannot exist.

I think we're reaching a point in society where where the intersection or crossroads of technology and freedom and life for certain you become a huge mesh. Some people will adapt others will ignore it and die off like the dinosaurs but there's some that will just thrive.

Web 2.0 has been a scale for a while and I lived through web 1.0 and its simplicity. I kind of feel like we're going back to Internet relay chat on a larger scale.

Quite a few people in the world are now fixated on what web 3.0 will look like but I don't think it's going to be the cryptocurrency market.

That could change but I don't know because right now that market is kind of in the tank.

Anyways, I hope to be more involved in the fetiverse and activity pub instances along with this blogging platform even though I have wordpresses and Tumblr.

This feels more open, especially on the expression end.

Who knows what's next, maybe a million dollars.

I keep saying that since I joined the gym last year.